RockyMounts MonoRail Platform Hitch Bike Rack

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The RockyMounts MonoRail is the gold standard when it comes to function, style and form. The MonoRail is one of the most versatile bike carriers on the market, able to carry bikes of all shapes and sizes from skinny road tire bikes up to 5.0" fat tire mountain bikes weighing up to 60lbs! The MonoRail is very user friendly with a low loading height, easy to reach tilt handles and a stout wheel grab arm. It comes standard with a security cable and locking hitch pins so you can have confidence that your gear will still be there when you take an afternoon lunch break.

Key Features:

- Carries 2 bikes up to 60lbs each. The 2" variant is expandable to 3 bikes (45lbs each), using an addon
- Latches grab onto each bike's wheels and not its frames, so no chance of scratching
- Folds flat against the vehicle to save space, and tilts down 30 degrees to allow for hatch access
- Comes with an anti-wobble bolt
- Includes locking hitch pin, cable lock, and standard lock pods, keyed alike


1.25" Version: 2 bikes max / 60lbs each
2.00" Version: Up to 3 bikes with addon / 45lbs each. Otherwise 2 bikes / 60lbs each

Bike Fitments:

- Carries road tires up to 5.0" fat bike tires, and diameters from 20" to 29"
- Compatible with bicycles that have a wheelbase from 34" and 49"
- Not for use with fender equipped bicycles
- Compatible with drop frame bikes

Hitch Requirements:

Needs to support the MonoRail which weighs 39lbs (excluding the addon) and the bikes. If you want to fit both 1.25" and 2" hitches, buying the 1.25" MonoRail and also a 1.25" => 2" adapter sleeve could be a potential solution.