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Shipping Policy

Shipping FAQ's

  • How fast does my order ship after it's placed?

    We strive to ship our orders within 24hrs of receiving the order. For orders that require special attention, we will notify you by phone or email.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    At any point before your order is shipped you may reach out to us to cancel your order without any cost to you. Once the order is shipped, it cannot be cancelled.

  • Where is my tracking number?

    Your tracking number will be automatically emailed to you when your order is picked up from Modula Racks by the courier. Please allow at 1-2 days after ordering to get your tracking number.

  • How much do you charge for shipping?

    For qualifying products, we will ship orders of $99.98 and above (before tax) for free to qulifying locations in North America. Orders with qualifying products below $99.98 will be subject $20CAD flat-fee to Canada, and a $35CAD flat-fee to USA per warehouse the products are delivered from. ie. if your products don't qualify for free shipping and are being shipped from 2 different warehouses to a Canadian address, you will be charged $40CAD.

  • Which products qualify for free shipping?

    All products that are not Oversize are qualifying products. We have two classes of Oversize Shipping, shown below.

    What do you charge for oversize items?

    -Oversize Class 1 ($99 to Canada, $150 to USA)
    Applies to all cargo boxes and the Roofnest Big Wing awning

    -Oversize Class 2 ($150 to Canada, Not Shippable to USA)
    Usually applies to extra-large items such as rooftop tents. Currently we are shipping both Roofnest and Treeline Outdoors tents for free to qualifying locations.

  • Which locations qualify for free shipping?

    As a general rule of thumb, if you are in or near an urban centre in N.A., you qualify. However, some locations are considered 'remote' by couriers because they do not fall in line with popular shipping routes, and therefore incur substantially higher shipping costs. The above does not apply to the Canadian Territories. If you are shipping to the Territories, please contact us for a quote.
    Unfortunately, we are unable to discern these locations until we go to ship the item. We will reach out to you with options if your location is deemed by couriers as 'remote'. If you think you may be in a remote location and would like a shipping quote, please contact us!

  • What if my order arrives damaged?

    Immediately after receiving your order, open and inspect your item for any signs of damage. In the event that you encounter any damage contact the carrier and Modula Racks immediately to report the damage. Product damages must be recorded and reported no later than 48 hours after receipt of the shipment. You will need to retain your copy of the delivery receipt as well as all of the original packaging materials for proper claim documentation. Please take clear digital photos of the damage to provide for both parties.

  • Do I need to be at home for my delivery?

    Regular, non-oversize shipments ship like any other package, and will arrive at your doorstep/mailbox. Oversize shipments ship via 'LTL' (Less-than-a-Truck-Load) Delivery, which must be accepted by the customer without delay, or large daily storage fees will be charged by the logistics company. Logistics companies will generally contact you the day of, or before your delivery to schedule a drop-off. The drivers are not responsible for unloading the product, and fees are charged for the use of tailgate lifts. All additional charges are the sole responsibility of the receiver. We will contact you if your order is shipping via LTL.

Shipping Speeds

Shipping Speeds

Shipping times vary across Canada, and within provinces. The map shows our best estimate of shipping times across the country, and is not a gurantee. Note that this is the shipping speed once an item is picked up from Modula Racks (after our less than 24hr handling time). If you would like an estimated shipping time to the United States, please contact us.

  • Shipping Liability Release

    It is impossible for Modula Racks to control how items are handled after leaving our facility. By purchasing a product from Modula the purchaser agrees to hold harmless Modula Racks Inc. and all of their deemed agents against any claims for loss or damage once the purchased product leaves Modula Racks Inc. Any and all claims for loss, damage or otherwise that has occurred during shipping must be submitted to the shipping carrier that was responsible for the transport and delivery of the shipment.

    Modula Racks Inc. will, to the best of its ability, provide tracking information to the customer for their reference so that they may make the necessary arrangements to receive the shipment. The purchaser agrees that their shipment will be sent without requiring a signature for delivery. The purchaser accepts full responsibility for the loss of the package if nobody is available to receive the package as it will be left at the delivery address. Should the purchaser not receive the shipment tracking information for any reason it is their responsibility to contact Modula Racks to obtain this information.

  • USA Standard Shipping

    Orders under $800USD can be shipped to the end user free of duties and shipping charges. For orders over this amount, you will not be able to checkout on our website. Please contact us for an estimate. You always have the option to cancel your order before shipping and we will provide a prompt and complete refund without any cost to you. Should you have any questions before ordering please contact us, we pride ourselves on excellent service.