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Appreciation Program

Serve in the military, police force, or firefighters? You may qualify for a discount. Just fill out the form below and we'll reply with a confirmation within 1 business day.

Modula Racks Appreciation Program

You May Qualify For A Discount

Please fill out the form below to see if you qualify for a discount at Modula Racks.


- Canadian MILITARY - Active or Veteran & Military Spouses

- Canadian LAW ENFORCEMENT - Includes Police Officers and RCMP

- Canadian FIREFIGHTERS - Paid or Volunteer

Please provide a Photo ID with service verification in the form below. Modula Racks understands certain information is confidential, we encourage you to redact any such information from official forms not deemed necessary to proving eligibility. The Modula Racks Appreciation Program is reserved for the qualified applicant ONLY, and can not be transferred to another individual. Modula Racks reserves the right to cancel any orders that do not adhere to this stipulation or are deemed fraudulent. 

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