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Rent Roof Racks, Cargo Boxes, and More!

Roof racks and roof top carriers are simply the best storage solutions for any vehicle. But, not everyone sets out camping, skiing or boarding every weekend. Therefore, owning and storing bulky accessories may not make sense for many of you. Or some of you may just want to try before you buy (thats's cool). Our rental program was developed for you.

We are currently one of the only shops around that is still able to rent out roof top tents. Part of the reason for this is our superior ability to clean and sanitize our rental products due to being sister companies with Splashes Wash Lodge, just across the street. We take utmost care in disinfecting all of our equipment between rentals, so you can rest easy on your adventure!



Minimum three day rental. Installation, removal, and cleaning are included in all prices

Roof Racks


Universal-Fit Bars

$15 / Day

Vacuum Mounted Bars

Heavy-Duty Bars

$20 / Day

$30 / Day

Cargo Boxes


370L - 500L Boxes

$15 / Day

Extra Long Box

650L Box

$20 / Day

$25 / Day

Roof Top Tents


2 Person Tents

$55+ / Day

3 Person Tents

$60+ / Day

4 Person Tents

$65+ / Day


Can I Rent Other Items Like Ski / Snowboard, and Water Sport Racks?

Yes! We do stock a number of bike, kayak, paddle board, ski, and other racks and carriers. Need to carry something on your next trip, just give us a call or send an email and likely we'll have a storage solution to help you leave nothing behind. If you are renting a base rack, then there will be no install charge for the fitment of a carrier to your rental rack. The cost to rent recreational sport carriers starts at $15 / day, and may increase depending on the specific carrier selected.


Rent Before You Buy

With all the options available it can be very difficult to make a decision on what roof rack or cargo carrier to buy. Consider renting one for a day or a weekend and give them a test run before deciding on a purchase.


Will a Cargo Box Fit On My Vehicle?

In order to attach any type of carrier, including a cargo box, a vehicle must have a base roof rack that includes cross bars as seen here in this picture.

If your vehicle doesn't currently have base racks, we have different types of systems that can fit bare roofs or roofs with rails.


Ready to Start Renting?

Send us a message using the form, or give us a call at our main office phone: 604-541-9966 to see what's available.