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Rent A Cargo Box


Roof Racks and Roof Top Carriers are simply the best storage solutions for any vehicle. But, not everyone sets out camping, skiing or boarding every other weekend. Therefore, owning and storing bulky accessories may not make sense for many of you. Or, some of you may just want to try before you buy (that’s cool). Our rental program was developed for you.


Box (Requires Bars):

  • Regular size Cargo Box (370-520L): $15 per day (4 day Minimum Rental).
  • XXXL Cargo Box (650L): $20 per day (4 day Minimum Rental).


  • Multi-Fit Crossbars: $15 per day (4 day Minimum Rental)
  • Single-Fit Crossbars: $30 per day (4 day Minimum Rental)

Roof-top Tent (Requires High-Capacity Bars):

  • 2 person tent (Crowsnest):  $55 per day (4 day Minimum Rental) 
  • 3 person tent (Kootenay):  $60 per day (4 day Minimum Rental)
  • 4 Person tent (Highwood):  $70 per day (4 day Minimum Rental)

Modula is proud to rent tents from Burmis Outdoor Co. “BURMIS Outdoor Co. was created in Alberta, Canada by a group of friends who live to play in the outdoors. Whatever the activity, we know first hand that the right gear makes a great experience even better. That’s why we believe in putting the BURMIS name on the best outdoor gear.”

Install, removal and cleaning is part of the rental cost, so you won’t have to do a thing.

Check with your local dealer to confirm pricing and availability. 

Example - Cross bars and a ski rack for a 3 day long weekend. Total cost $120
Example - A regular Roof Box rental for a 7 day trip to the interior would be only $15 per day. Total cost $105.00.


YES! We do stock a number of bike, kayak, paddle board, ski and other racks and carriers. Need to carry something on your next trip, just give us a call or send an email and likely we’ll have a storage solution to help you leave nothing behind. If you are renting a base rack then there will be no install charge for the fitment of a carrier to your rental rack. The cost to rent most recreational sport carriers is $15 per day. If you 




With all the options available it can be very difficult to make a decision on what roof rack or cargo carrier to buy. Consider renting one for a day or a weekend and give them a test run before deciding to purchase. Within 14 days we’ll put 75% of the rental cost towards your purchase should you choose to buy the gear you have rented.




Modula Oval Cross BarIn order to attach any type of carrier, including a cargo box, a vehicle must have a base roof rack that includes cross bars as seen here in this picture.

Your vehicle may not have cross bars, but it may have railings which run front to back on either side. In most cases we can affix a Modula Cross Bar System, enabling for the fitment of any roof rack or cargo box. There is an additional cost of $15 per day for the Modula Cross Bar system.

I your vehicle has nothing on it’s roof (bare roof) we have complete roof rack systems from both Thule and Rhino-Rack and may have a custom rental solution for you. Please contact us as we’ll need to confirm availability of custom roof racks for your specific vehicle. The cost for a complete custom base rack is $30 per day (4 day Minimum Rental).

(NOTE-This cost the above the cost for a base rack. Specific racks and carriers such as a bike , ski , kayak or board carrier is an additional charge.)

Reserve now – (604) 245-5242

8 thoughts on “Rent A Rack

  1. lucas says:

    Hi, I need a roof box, or snowboard roof rack. Can you help me with that? Second question is regarding picku and drop off location? Can you deliver it for me in the airport or in an address downtown? if yes, how much?

    Best regards.

    • Brandon Johnson says:

      Hi Lucas, Yes we can help you. Usually we do the fitting at our South Surrey location. If you want us to come to you, there would be a surcharge depending on the distance. Give us a call as exact pricing will be dependent on your location.

  2. lei says:

    Hey there!
    Want to get an quote on how much it would be to rent an regular size box with roof racks, I have an Subaru forester with raised railings, how long will it take to install?
    Thank you

    • Brandon Johnson says:

      Hi Lei,

      $15 per day for the Box and $15 per day for the Rack (4 day minimum on both items). It takes about an hour to fit your vehicle and collect your information.

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Polina,
      The regular cost to rent a standard sized cargo box is $15 per day however for a long term rental over 14 days 20% discount being the cost to $12 per day x 22 = $264 plus 5% tax.
      Please let us know if you have any other questions or if you would like to reverse a box.
      Thanks 🙂
      Modula Racks

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