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Modula Racks is Roofnest Canada

We’re beyond stoked to announce that we have become the sole supplier of Roofnest in Canada. Please direct all your Canadian sales and support inquiries to us! For American visitors, please visit

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Meet the Roofnest Tent Lineup


The Condor line sits small on your vehicle and folds out to become our most spacious tent. Perfect for small cars, truck beds, or just those who like tons of elbow room. Have a big crew? Check out the Condor XL, the only tent that can fit four adults.

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The Falcon series tents are the most durable and versatile of the lot, making them a favorite among overlanders. Rugged, compatible with multiple accessories, and a sleek, aerodynamic design.

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These super easy-to-use, do-it-all tents offer more headroom, tons of storage both inside and outside the tent, and easily accommodate a solar panel. Perfect for campers of all experience levels.

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Modula is Roofnest? What does this mean?
Modula Racks is becoming the sole retailer of Roofnest in Canada. We will be importing their goods and selling them to customers as Roofnest Canada, and managing the website (coming soon).

Why aren't the prices the same as the USD > CAD conversion?
Our CAD prices for Roofnest include all the costs of importing the tents to Canada, along with exchange rates. Since we're doing this at scale, we're able to give you a better landed CAD price than if you bought from the US.

For example, let's examine purchasing the Condor from the US and bringing it into Canada:

USD price: $3475
USD to CAD purchase rate*: 1.28 x 3475 = $4495 CAD
18% duty for RTT's brought into Canada: 1.18 x 4495 = $5280 CADTotal price for you to buy a Condor from the US: $5280 CAD
Our price for a Condor: $4999 CAD

*We use 1.28 for the currency conversion, because even with the dollar at 1.25, you don't get that rate from your bank, and there are usually additional fees.

All of this is also entirely aside from taxes, which you will have to pay in Boulder, CO if you travel there to buy one, AND/OR at the Canadian border on top of the duties you already paid. Plus all the travel time and $$$ to get to Boulder and back!

When are the tents coming?
Tents are arriving between now and early 2022. Please view the product page for the tent you are interested in for more specific dates.

How do I pre-order a tent?
Purchasing a tent on our website will secure your pre-order. Our website has options for pick-up in-store or shipping. Please let us know if you would like to have your tent installed by us!

How much is shipping?
For Roofnest we are offering free shipping to most locations. An additional fee may apply for remote locations. Please contact us to confirm shipping.

What happens when my tent arrives?
When your tent comes we will reach out to you for confirmation of your pick-up date, install time, or shipping availability. You will have 7 days to confirm a date with our team. If we don't hear from you within that period, your pre-order will be cancelled.

When can I cancel my pre-order until?
You can cancel at any time, up until we receive your tent.

Will you be servicing Roofnest?
Yes! We will be your source and support for all things Roofnest in Canada. Installation, warranty, repair, and all other support can be directed to us.

What is Roofnests Warranty?
2-Year warranty against manufacturer defects. This does not warranty against wear-and-tear.

Will X tent fit on my Y vehicle?
For all fitment-related questions, please contact our brilliant team of rack experts. We'll ensure you get set up properly to carry your Roofnest.

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Question? Please contact us!

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