Do You Need Car Roof Racks?

Rhino-Rack Flush car roof racks

Why You Should Consider A Roof Rack For Your Car

As a nation we are giving up our giant SUV’s. Let’s be honest, no one liked paying for all the gas and being slow wasn’t great fun. However, as we move away from driving a garden shed, we also give up all that extra space. The smart solution is a simple set of car roof racks.

You might be shocked at how much utility you will find in car roof racks. Even with that giant SUV, packing a canoe, bike, or desk, is not practical or possible… But with a roof rack; no problem.

Need to carry a lot of cargo (and I mean A LOT) even that giant SUV we used to drive pales in comparison to what you can strap to a car roof rack. Don’t believe me? Take a quick look at a 4X4 magazine. Those folks are running roof racks ON the giant SUV because even with a plodding behemoth there are some things that just won’t fit inside.

Roof Racks Are A Must During The BC Summers

Do you like to go OUT? Now we are located in South-Surrey BC, just outside Raincouver, and some days going out is basically a form of water torture. However, when that sun finally does return, it’s the car roof rack that gets loaded up first. Paddle boards, canoes, bikes, roof top tents or a cargo box full of picnic supplies; take whatever you want, and still have room for the kids or some friends (or both).

Basic Steel Modula Roof Rack

Car roof racks are a slick way to have your cake and eat it too. Ditch the giant SUV for a Sleek Sedan, regain your MPG, your serenity, your speed, and then top it off with a roof rack for occasional cargo. The only thing you are missing is a scoop of ice-cream for all that cake… not to worry, now you have plenty of space for a cooler.