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Yakima Hangover - Product Review

The Yakima Hangover Has Landed – And It’s Here To Impress

The first thing the Yakima Hangover does is ask you two questions,

“Do you have four to six bikes you’re want to carry at the same time?” and “do you want the flexibility & clean aesthetic of having all your bikes mounted vertically behind your vehicle?

If you nodded your head to either of these and started wondering how such a thing could be possible, then the Yakima Hangover might be the perfect rack for you.

Check Out Our Product Overview Video Below

The long awaited Yakima Hangover has landed at Modula Racks! After spending some time with it we’ve put all of our experiences together in a new video highlighting the features & benefits of our first vertical bike mount. Let’s not keep you waiting any longer, check out our video below on the vertical, compact solution that is the Yakima Hangover.

The Yakima Hangover 4 Supports up to 4 bikes and its unique design does it all in a smaller profile than the competition!

For anyone looking for additional storage a six bike version is also available here!

Built from heavy-duty steel and with backcountry roads in mind, the Yakima Hangover’s frame is anything but flimsy. In our testing we found the rack held up to just about everything we could throw at it (all the while being secure enough to not scratch or damage our precious mountain bikes.)

We also found the Yakima Hangover easy enough to mount on, with the foot adjustable rack angle helping those of us who aren’t 6 foot reach without strain, and those that are can easily lift and lower their bikes onto the rack from the vertical position.

Want to learn more or order your own Yakima Hangover? Check out our product page to purchase!