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Taking a low rider and making it adventure ready? No problem!

How do you make a Scion FRS & a Toyota Soarer even cooler? How about strapping your favourite mountain bike to them?


Let's start with the Toyota Soarer, which was arguably the more challenging of the two. See the thing is, there aren’t actually any crossbars that are designed for the Soarer.

So due to the lack of purpose made bars we had to get a little creative. What we did was, we used a Rhino Rack Ditch Mount which is an aftermarket Rhino Rack Fit Kit, and drilled the bars straight into the body of the car. So while this might seem like a rather permanent solution, it ends up being the best way to ensure everything is mounted securely and safely.


As for the Scion FRS, a simple set of Yakima crossbars will do (unfortunately this Rack has been discontinued so other options are now needed). We picked the Yakima bars due to their bridge mount system, which allows us to attach clips to the front doors keeping the front and rear bars nice and far apart, which can be an issue on a lot of 2 doors due to their smaller roof size. And with that we’re ready to attach our bikes
Next up, both of these cars are getting a set of Rhino Rack Hybrid Bike Carriers, which are a top-of-car carrier built with a wheel grab system. This means that the carrier doesn’t touch your bike frame at all (which is great for customers with carbon fibre or other high end bikes who don’t want their prized racing bike getting scratched up). This system is also built so you can keep both wheels attached, unlike some similar solutions which require you to remove the front wheel in order to mount your bike. The great thing about the Hybrid is that it’s compatible with all types of bikes, from BMX, to downhill, to road bike, and everything in between. Not to mention the vortex grip, which keeps your bike from whistling in the wind as you drive.


At the end of the day both cars required a little bit of thoughtful design to find the best solution, but both ended up being relatively easy installations. It just goes to show you that if you have a car, truck, van, or anything else with wheels and an engine, we can probably find a storage solution for you, so that you too can take your pastimes more places.

If you want to see how we put these two rigs together, check out our videos below!

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