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Top 8 Reasons To Choose A Treeline Outdoors Rooftop Tent

At Modula Racks, we strive to only carry gear that is worthy of your adventures. Which is why we carry Treeline Outdoors Rooftop Tents. We can't possibly cover all of the reasons to go with Treeline in one blog post, but here's our top 8. 

8. The Little Things

We're not sure about you, but we like it when a manufacturer has an eye for the details. We're not exaggerating when we say that Treeline has thought of every little thing on their tents. 

Starting with the boot bags (pictured below) that come included with the tent at no extra cost. These come in handy to keep the mud off the bottom of your shoes out of the tent, and are usually an optional extra from most other brands.

Treeline Rooftop Tent Shoe Bag in River Blue Color

7. Soft Shell Tent Benefits

Many people ask, why would I choose a soft shell tent versus a hard shell? Well, the biggest reason is sleeping space. Because soft shells fold in half when travelling, they offer a ton more space when unfolded. Although this does mean the tent sits a little taller when folded, that also means soft shell tents generally have a smaller roof footprint than hard shells, allowing you to mount additional gear on the roof, or have an easier time mounting it over a truck bed. 

Another benefit to Treeline Soft Shells specifically is the ability to store your bedding inside the tent during travel. This is one way that Treeline has combatted the claim that Soft Shell tents take longer to set up. Being able to store your sleeping bag and pillows cuts down on your set up time, and also provides more space inside your vehicle for your gear! 

6. Condensation Proofing

Through their research and development, Treeline chose to place a heavy focus on reducing condensation inside the tent. Nothing is worse than a damp tent when camping, and keeping the interior dry is one of the best ways to keep it warm as well.

When looking at the inside of a Treeline tent, you'll notice that there's virtually no exposed metal to be found. Treeline has wrapped all the tent poles to avoid condensation gathering inside the tent.

Treeline Tamarack Rooftop Tent Interior

In addition, they've provided four small vents, designed to let just enough air flow through to reduce condensation but not exchange too much heat. They've also covered their mattress in a waterproof taffeta material which keeps sweat (which comes off of you while you sleep) away from the cold aluminum base of the tent. This eliminates the need for an extra anti-condensation mat.

5. Waterproofing

One of the other areas that Treeline has really thought of everything is waterproofing. Starting with their 3000mm rated rainfly, these tents are designed to withstand some pretty heavy rainfall. 

They've also improved in this area in 2021, adding a seam-sealed base which seals out rain from sneaking into the base of the tent, and 'V' shaped kinks to the window annex/rainfly stays so that water drips off of them before otherwise entering the tent. 

Treeline Rooftop Tent Seam Sealed Base

Treeline Rooftop Tent Window Annex and Rainfly Stays

4. Capacity up to 5 People

With a wide product range, you can find the perfect tent for you whether you're a solo adventurer or a family camper. Their smallest tents fit 2 adults comfortably, with room for a dog or child too. Their largest tent, the Redwood, sleeps 4 full-grown adults comfortably, something that is difficult to find from any other manufacturer. 

Their entry-level Explorer Series range offers serious value for their prices, using a lot of the same materials and construction as the more ruggedized Adventure Series. The Adventure Series are seriously rugged tents which offer incredible 4-season performance at prices that are often still lower than their hard shell counterparts.

Treeline Tents  2-3 Person 3-4 Person 4-5 Person
Explorer Series  Joshua Mesquite -
Adventure Series  Tamarack Ponderosa Redwood

3. The View

These tents are some of the few that offer views in all 4 directions PLUS the roof. Even with the rainfly on. That's right, Treeline put skylights in their rainfly so that you can stargaze from the comfort of your tent, without removing the rainfly, as pictured below. 

Treeling Interior Skylights

The great views can be enjoyed without the threat of bug bites too, thanks to the tight no-see-um mesh that is used on all windows and doors. 

2. Made in Alberta, for Canada

Treeline is based near Calgary, Alberta, a place known for reaching 30°C on both ends of the thermometer. Many other American-based brands don't consider the weather conditions that Canadians face (and are willing to camp in!) when building their tents. This has resulted in Treeline being a brand that truly knows how to make a tent worthy of Canadians! 

By using a heavy (380g for Explorer Series tents) polycotton blend for the canvas, these tents are able to insulate well in the cold, but also sport UV resistance for the sunny summer months. You'll want to camp in these tents all year round!

Plus, the aluminum used in the base and poles of all Treeline tents are 2mm thick, that's twice the thickness of most other tents, further adding to their durability.

1. Color Combos!

Honestly, what's more fun than being able to stylize your gear? Go on, we're not judging, spend some time picking out your choice of 3 body colors and 5 rainfly colors for the Adventure Series, or 3 great rainfly choices for the Explorer Series.

Below are some of our favorites:

Ponderosa in Spruce/Spruce

Treeline Ponderosa Rooftop Tent in Spruce/Spruce


Tamarack in Buckhorn/River

Treeline Tamarack Rooftop Tent in Buckhorn/River


Tamarack in Grey/River

Treeline Tamarack Rooftop Tent in Grey/River


Now that you've got a little more background on what makes Treeline so great, check out our full collection of Treeline Outdoors. As always, we're here to help. If you have any questions about Treeline, or anything else vehicular adventure related for that matter, feel free to contact us!