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Top 5 Ways to Extend Your Camping into the Off-Season

We live in a beautiful and wild country. It’s easy to explore in sunny summer, but for some of us, the spring melt and fall colors beckon even more adventure. Camping in the off-seasons require different and upgraded gear. Even with inclement weather, we don’t need to be any less comfortable than our fair-weather friends.


Modula Racks’ Top 5 Off-Season Camp Goodies:



Running on diesel or kerosene, Planar heaters will keep you toasty and dry on the coldest nights. These little forced air units can heat 1-2 tents while dispelling moisture. An included remote control puts the power in your hands. We have had these heaters out at -17C and our tents maintained a balmy 23C while staying bone dry. (Modula Racks does not endorse the use of any propane/ceramic element/in-tent heaters)




Off-season chefs will tell you prepping and cooking in the rain is no fun at all. Awnings provide a dry place to grill and chill. For maximum coverage check out our 270° swing-out awnings by Rhino-Rack and 23Zero. For integrated lighting on that late-night snack-run see our selection of Treeline Awnings.



Check out our quick-charging Lithium power packs. With exceptional energy density lithium cells are a great way to keep your gear charged, your 12V cooler chilled and your campsite lit. We love Ecoflow for quality and value. Their innovative power solutions deliver power at any level.




Heated Seating

Keep your buns toasty while you toast your buns. KUMA makes single and double heated versions of their bear-chair lineup, offering comfort and functionality with included 10,000 mAh power packs and many cupholders, you won't want to get up. Now all you need is someone to make your burger for you!


RTT-Rooftop Tent

Switching to a RTT is one of the best ways to extend your camping season. A sturdy 4 season, heavy-duty, tent by Treeline will keep you protected from wind, rain, bugs, and mud. The integrated mattress and elevated design saves you from sleeping on the lumpy, cold, and often wet ground. I have camped 9 days in the rain using a RTT while remaining comfortable and dry. Treeline tents allow you to fold your bedding into the tent reducing the chances of it becoming wet or dirty even if you are continuously traveling.  




Cozy warm wool socks. Don’t laugh, cold tootsies will ruin your day or night. I always pack extra warm socks for sleeping or hiking. Fresh warm and dry socks can feel like a  real luxury. We carry Treeline’s “The Skookumchuck Wool Socks” in both men’s and women’s sizes. They have proven to be hard-wearing, comfortable, and very, very, warm.