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Top 5 Additional Additions to Your Camping Setup

For those of us who have been adventuring for a while, there is always the question of what clever thing could enhance our outdoor experience. For all y'all who already have the basic layout, I bring you the next 5 things to add to your camp setup. 

In no particular order: 


  1. A 12V lithium battery-powered fan
    Tents can get very muggy inside when Mr. Wind stops causing mischief. A 12V fan like the one offered by Claymore gets the air moving again, helps you sleep comfortably, and control condensation. The durn things ain’t even too spendy.

  2. A camp utensil set
    I think we all basically start out with a heap of plastic cutlery and disposable plates leftover from the last kid’s b-day. Plastic utensils suck, they just do. One time use, then they stab a hole in your garbage bag so it can leak in the back of your rig. They aren’t good to use, and they aren’t good for the environment. Upgrade with a full utensil set from Front Runner. Real forks, sharp knives, cutting boards, spoons… you know the deal. Tools for eating, because you’re an adult and can be trusted(ish) with sharps. A handy tool roll keeps it all tucked away between meals, or hang it from a tree; you're an adult, make your own decisions.

  3. A complete First Aid Kit in case of disaster
    Now that you stuck your fingers in the fan, and fell out of a tree hanging your utensil set, someone with more sense is going to have to bandage you up. It goes without saying that we all have a first aid kit with us when we’re out in the wilds… right? Right. Yeah, I also waited too long to get mine. Remember, you’re saving your own ass. Invest a little, and hey, just maybe you'll keep that finger after all.

  4. A Planar heater
    At just less than 2K, a Planar isn’t the cheapest piece of gear. If you have ever been frozen and wet in the middle of the night I bet you would have paid double, because I would have. I honestly thought I might die of hypothermia. These forced air kerosene-fueled heaters will keep you both warm and dry with no risk of accidental carbon monoxide death. Modula Racks does not endorse any tent heat source with a burning element that is placed inside your tent.

  5. A great chair
    Sure you can sit on a slimy, wet, log or a freaking rock, but this natural furniture sucks. Pick the granola out of your beard and invest in a comfy chair. Kuma has heated chairs in both the Bear Buddy and Lazy Bear (worth every penny), Front Runner makes a director-style chair that folds down into the smallest package I have ever seen in a full-size chair… and it’s very comfortable… and I always have one in my truck because it’s awesome.

SO there you have it, 5 things to enhance your outdoor lifestyle. You may have other pain points. However, each of these items was chosen after careful ‘scienticious’ research performed by myself without oversight or accountability… so you know it’s internet gold.