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The Perfect Mid-Size Portable Solar Generator?

So, you just dug to the bottom of your ice filled cooler to find that the pack of steaks has bled into all your “fruit and veggies”. Your beer is floating in a bloody vegetable gazpacho. Time to strike camp and head an hour back to the nearest grocery store. 

This is generally right about when Modula Racks gets a phone call about 12V coolers and power banks. 

The River MAX is our choice for light-use portable power. These high density lithium battery packs have an upgraded 576Wh battery, 600W inverter and multiple 12v outs. The state of the art charging system allows you to fully charge your River MAX from dead in 96 minutes (That’s silly fast). 

With the capacity to power a 12V cooler for a weekend and an optional solar panels to push your boundaries even further into the wild, the River MAX is a solid choice in solar generators. 

The EcoFlow River MAX solar generator being used while camping

Disconnect the included battery expansion for a lighter weight (11lbs/5kg) 288Wh unit that travels more easily into your favorite remote campsite. As it comes out of the box, the MAX weighs 17lbs (7.7kg). 

We use our River MAX solar generator to keep our 12V cooler frosty in the heat of the day and run campsite and tent lighting as the sun fades. Overnight we recharge phones, cameras and drones. 

Around our shop we grab the River MAX to run AC power tools out in the lot or anywhere else we can’t access with extension cords. Built in X-Boost technology allows us to run equipment up to 1800W off the 600W inverter.

We never seem to run out of uses for our River MAX; but when you are ready to store yours, put it into storage mode and leave it plugged in. The River MAX will automatically maintain a safe charge level to preserve the power pack for maximum longevity.

Why do we love EcoFlow River MAX in particular?

• Included charging cables for solar, car, and AC

• X-Stream fast charging: 96 minutes

• Included modular battery expansion: 288Wh-576Wh

• Emergency power supply functionality: 30 milliseconds

• Integrated charge control with storage safe mode

• 600W (1800W X-Boost) AC inverter.

• Optional rugged solar panels up to 2x 110W

• Colour display battery monitoring

• 3 AC outlets

• Remote operation and monitoring via app

        Our Ecoflow River MAX allows us to camp comfortably for longer periods of time. Our steaks are always fresh, our beverages never warm. The campsite is lit, the phones are charged and the beat goes on. Pull up a Kuma Lazy Bear Chair; let’s talk about that big fish ;-)