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How Do I Choose a Treeline Rooftop Tent?

With 5 different tents ranging in size, ruggedness, and price, it can be tough to know which of Treeline's great tents you should choose. So we wrote this handy guide! There are two main things to consider, Size and Series. 

First: Size

The first consideration, and easiest way to start narrowing down which tent to get is by size. How many people and/or animals are you trying to sleep? 

2-3 Person Tents

Treeline tents labeled for '2-3 People' will sleep two adults comfortably with room to spare. 3 people gets pretty cozy, unless that third person is a child or a pet. The mattresses in 2-3 person tents are 55" wide, or just wider than Full, and 95-97" long. 

3-4 Person Tents

Treeline tents labeled for '3-4 People' will sleep three adults comfortably with room to spare. 4 people gets pretty cozy, unless that fourth person is a child or a pet. These tents are great for a couple with two children, or a child and a dog. The mattresses in 3-4 person tents are 72" wide, or nearly as wide as a King, and 95-97" long.

4-5 Person Tents

The Redwood is the only 4-5 person tent in the lineup, and it is truly a behemoth. It will sleep 4 adults comfortably, or a family with three children. This tent are great for those that are mounting to a very sturdy roof rack or bed rack, and want tons of space. The mattress in the Redwood is 88" wide, or a full foot wider than a King, and 95" long.

Second: Series

Next, which of Treeline's great series' should you choose from? They divide their tents into two classes, the 'entry-level' Explorer Series, and the ruggedized Adventure Series. 

Explorer Series

Treeline Joshua Rooftop Tent on Modula Racks Truck

These tents are lighter than their Adventure Series counterparts, and are great for those that mainly camp in warmer spring-thru-fall weather (even though we're in the snow with one pictured above).

They feature 280g polycotton ripstop which is light but durable. All Explorer tents come in Sandstone body color, while their 420D diamond ripstop rainfly is available in 3 different colors; Sage, River, and Burnt Orange.

Explorers are great for those that are just getting into rooftop tenting, but still want a tent built with rugged quality to last. 

Adventure Series

Treeline Ponderosa Rooftop Tent on Modula Truck

The Adventure Series are the ultimate in soft shell rooftop tents. While this series is pricier than the Explorers, the additional features are more than worth it. 

First, stepping up to an Adventure Series ups the weight of the canvas substantially to 380g for year-round insulation and durability.

They also add a fully covered ladder area, which you'll be thankful for when entering and exiting the tent in inclement weather. The bottom of the extended area also features additional gear storage loops and nets for keeping your tools and supplies off the ground.

This also means that you get a fully covered entry and exit room when adding an annex to an Adventure Series tent, as opposed to the ladder being outside the annex on an Explorer tent. 

You also get to be more expressive with an Adventure series tent, with any combination of three body colors and five rainfly colors. This doesn't apply to the Redwood though, which just comes in a grey body with three fly color options.

These tents are great for those that adventure regularly, and plan to keep the tent on their vehicle for most of the year. If you want the pinnacle of soft shell rooftop tent performance, this is it. 

Tent Lineup:

Treeline Tents  2-3 Person 3-4 Person 4-5 Person
Explorer Joshua Mesquite -
Adventure Tamarack Ponderosa Redwood