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Hardshell VS Soft-shell - Setup Time Comparison

Hardshell vs Softshell, which roof-top tent gets your camp setup faster?

At first this seems like a question with an obvious answer. Hardshell tents are known widely for their lightning fast opening & closing times, it's easily one of their biggest selling points and frankly Softshell tents just can't compete in that arena. But don't be too hasty because here's the thing, out there in the real world things get a lot more complicated.

See softshells like the Treeline are built with more breathing room than their hardshell counterparts (which have to be fully empty in order to close). This gives them the ability to pack up and go while keeping all your sleeping bags, extra clothes, and anything else inside the tent and ready to be used when you next setup camp.

We figured this may give them an advantage and potentially lead to very similar setup/teardown times between the tents.

To answer that question we decided to to compare two of the best roof top tents in their respective styles, The IKamper Hardshell, known for it's lighting fast setup but unable to close without being emptied first, and the Treeline Softshell tent, a feature packed roof top tent with a slower opening and closing time.

Check out the video below to see our tests!

Let us know what you thought of our test and the results we found. Do you own either of these tents and have anything to add? Let us know next time you stop by or comment on YouTube!

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