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Gift Guide

It’s been an absolutely buckwild couple years, and the greatest hits of 2021 just keep on coming. Atmospheric rivers flooding the valley, price increases that turn a simple trip to the grocery store into a major financial event, and an ongoing pandemic keeping supply low and demand high.

But guess what? The holiday season waits for no break in the ongoing crisis that is the state of our planet. Here’s some gift ideas for the overlander in your life; that is, assuming you can get them inside long enough to unwrap them!


• Lights: You can never go wrong with a light source, from something small like Goal Zero’s Crush Light, all the way up to a Claymore 3 Face, they can’t do much if they can’t see what they’re getting up to.

• Power: From portable heaters, to their cell phone, to those lights they need so badly, power is essential to keeping them safe and having fun out there. EcoFlow makes our favourite power packs, with their smallest giving you 288Wh of electricity. Their bigger packs, like the Delta, will keep you for even longer; especially if you pick up some solar panels to go with them!

• Recovery Equipment: I’m sure we’ve all heard stories from our loved ones about how they got in over their heads mired in the muck, or slipping in the snow towards certain doom. A good set of Snow Socks and/or a pair of MaxTrax recovery boards will ensure the worst doesn’t come to pass; a worthwhile investment, I think.

• Extra Fuel: Even worse than getting stuck in the mud - not having enough fuel to get home. Rotopax makes conveniently mountable containers that secure to the side of most racks, and there’s always the more traditional jerry can if you’re feeling nostalgic!

• Chairs: A comfortable place to put your butt is definitely one of the more important pieces of gear when your loved one is out in the woods. If comfort is their top priority, Kuma makes an excellent contender in the form of their Lazy Bear chair. It also comes in heated to stave off the chill of those snowy Canadian winter trips. If retro is more your style, Kuma also makes the Backtrack chair, with their colours all named after That 70’s Show characters.

• Fan: Never underestimate the power of good air circulation. Not only does it make the hot summer nights bearable, in a tent it will help control condensation! Practical and nice to have, we love to see it.

• Socks: Toes are pretty dang important in the standing up department, I’ve been told. Treeline makes wonderfully cozy lamb’s wool socks that fit a wide range of sizes, and are pretty excellent at staving off Jack Frost. 

All these and more are available in a handy dandy collection on our website, so you can peruse at your leisure. 

Stay safe out there, and happy holidays!