What To Know About Loose Objects In Your Vehicle

No matter what type of vehicle you drive, automobile safety remains a top priority for all of us. Whether we are simply driving to the corner store for a quick grocery store run, or packing up all of our gear for an extended road trip, we all take the necessary precautions to ensure that we get from point A to point B safely.

Or do we?

Yes, many of us get our vehicle regularly maintained, keep our brakes and tires cared for, and follow the rules of the road to keep us and our passengers protected during every journey. However, for many of us, there remains a hidden danger lurking everywhere within the cabin of our cars and trucks: Random- unfastened-objects.

Sure, these random objects, at first glance, may seem harmless enough; a child’s action figure, our sporting gear, even an untethered booster seat. We all have found ourselves transporting these types of items in our vehicle. While during most drives, these random, unfastened objects won’t pose a problem, during a collision these items could cause injury, or worse yet, a fatality.


Loose Objects In Your Car Can Prove A Major Safety Hazard

Not convinced that your loose items strewn about your vehicle cabin could pose a potential safety threat? Guess again? Every year thousands of injuries are reported, not due to the collision itself, but from flying loose objects striking drivers and passengers inside the car. Simple math: a 20-pound, untethered item can become airborne with 1,000 pounds of force during an accident.

It’s no secret that many of us “live” out of our cars and trucks. We tend to carry a slew of objects with us and transport them wherever we ride just so we have them when we need them. Do a quick inventory of your vehicle and you may find yourself surrounded with potentially dangerous items: laptops, books, pet items, tool boxes, even shoes can all cause serious injury during an accident.


How To Keep You And Your Passengers Safe From Flying Debris In A Collision

If you’re struggling with keeping your vehicle cabin free from loose objects, a ModulaCargo box can prove the perfect solution. A roof storage system from ModulaCargo offers ample room for you to store whatever you need to take with you on the road. Suitcases, computers, dog crates – whatever you want with you when you arrive can easily be transported in a roofing rack system.

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