Warranty and Vehicle Technical Service Bulletins

Warranty and Vehicle Technical Service Bulletins and what you need to know…
If the the warranty is just about expired on your vehicle you might want to read this blog and do a little research. It could save you a bunch of money!
What is a Technical Service Bulletin?
TSB is the communication from the manufacture to their dealers on how to best repair issues that arise with their products. Technical Service Bulletins will not apply to all vehicles, they are part of a data base to help service customer concerns when they arise.
When a customer comes into a dealer and explains an issues they are having with their car, the service department will “search” the TSB to get guidance on what may need to be repaired.
If you’re just about out of manufactures warranty you can use these as part of your research to see if there may be a common flaw with your car thay could be repaired at the expense of the manufacture. Google Technical Service Bulletins for your vehicle, look through them and see if your car is exhibiting any symptoms as explained in one of the TSB‘s.
More importantly go online and research what seems to be the most common and major flaws with your vehicle.
This is hard, because everyone vents online and all you’ll read nothing but bad news when you search something like “common problems with a 2012 Golf”. And, after doing this research you’ll think your car is going to burst into a ball of flames the next time you turn the key. This is not the case! You cannot take one or even a couple reports too seriously because on Google you’re poling billions of people world wide. 
But if you begin to see a pattern of similar issues from a number of different people, sources and forums then this is something that may be more than a simple mechanical failure. This may be a flaw in the design of your car.
At this point if you may have found a what appears to be a common issue with your vehicle and maybe you’ve also found a TSB that address this issue. Now you’ll want to call your dealer.
When you arrive, simply explain the “issue” that your car is experiencing. They’ll put this info into their system and it should spit out the TBS you want them to see. Part of many TSB‘s are tests that must be preformed by the dealer to see if the vehicle is effected by the known condition. If these tests do not come back positive the dealer may not preform the now determined unnecessary repairs. But because your vehicle is under warranty, so this won’t cost you anything and therefore you have nothing to loose. I find it is often best to try and get a TSB preformed on your vehicle during a visit to the dealer when you’re already there for regular servicing.
The final bit of advice before your vehicle is out of warranty; ask your dealer if your vehicles computer or PCM has the latest updates. Like a regular computer vehicles are so sophisticated that many fixes are done by changing programming. By getting that latest updates for your vehicle you may unknowing be getting a laundry list of TSB‘s addressed by doing so.
Best of luck!