Service Philosophy

Silverado Overlooking Stave Lake

We are often complimented on our level of dedication. We owe a debt of gratitude to those happy clients who take their time to gift us a review. Thank you!

Our philosophies on service are baked into the adventure culture we enjoy. There is a code in the backcountry. If you find someone stranded, you become responsible for their welfare. It’s why we pack extra tools for every trip. It’s why I carry extra fluids even though my truck does not leak (Ok, a little). It’s why we don’t hesitate to go the extra mile (1.6 Km) when you have a tough question. After all, it’s the tough problems that have the most interesting solutions.

Special thanks to the team of 4×4’s it took to extract our installer Makhail from this hole at Stave Lake. I understand many cargo straps gave their lives to yank him free.

Help, stuck in the mud!

Bring us your tough rack and cargo problems. Bring us your hard-to-fit vehicles, your extra-long kayaks, your heap of bicycles, your fleet of paddleboards. We are happy to hunt down solutions on your behalf. We know that someday when we next need help our brothers and sisters of the backcountry will be there for us.

Thank you for choosing Modula. We’ll see you out there… on the next adventure! #OnwardsToTheWeekend #LeaveNothingBehind


Modula Adventurer