SeaSucker Naked Flex Mount Device Bracket

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The Naked Flex Mount is the easiest way to attach your tablet or iPad to just about any surface. It's called the Naked Flex Mount because it doesn't require any fancy mounting brackets. This makes it great for you as it will fit a huge variety of devices, especially those of you who upgrade every 6-9 months!

The Naked Flex Mount uses a 4.5" vacuum mount that suctions to the back of your tablet securing it in place. On the other end of the rod is another 4.5" vacuum mount that can be attached to virtually anywhere!

Want it on the countertop while in the kitchen? Your desk? Your coffee table? The sunroof or window in your car? The tray table in front of you on an airplane? The side of your hot tub? DONE! Comes with the handy-dandy zippered travel case, because you're going to take this thing with you and find weird and wonderful places to mount it.