RubiconEP Hitch Tent Rack System

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The RubiconEP Hitch Tent is a hitch-mounted platform that improves the convenience, versatility, and comfort of a rooftop tent system. It's designed for the most brutal overlanding conditions, fabricated from ultra-tough, hot rolled A36 steel and CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum. Can fit most two and three person rooftop tents.

During transit, the Hitch Tent is mounted vertically to a 2" hitch, and includes a Silent Hitch Pin which removes shock loads between it and the hitch. The result is a quiet, stable, and motionless towing experience.

When ready, the Hitch Tent is quickly and easily deployed on almost any terrain thanks to the four fully adjustable legs and feet. It can then be detached from the hitch, freeing up the vehicle for travel (e.g. groceries, offroading, etc). We've found this to be a big advantage, as traditionally the tent (when mounted on the roof) would have to be packed up before any travel.

Another advantage to using the Hitch Tent is it frees up space on the roof to mount a cargo box, which can be used to store skis, boards, clothing, and additional gear.

Please note that the RubiconEP Hitch Tent System does not include a rooftop tent. One has to be purchased separately. Additionally, it's recommended to have a 2" hitch with a higher tongue weight capacity (minimum class II).

Regarding specs, the platform measures 48" x 48" x 8", has a 600lbs capacity, supports up to a 62" tent (tents of this size may require rear opening orientation), and offers a 1 year warranty for any defects.