Roof Racks: Three Key Advantages For Any Road Trip

The warm weather is here, bringing with it ample opportunity to hit the open road for adventure, especially for those of us who like to stay active. Hiking, camping, boating, climbing – no matter what you do outdoors, summer is the perfect time to get to it. If you’re planning your next road trip, you already know that there are only two key details to coordinate a successful (and fun) outing: 1) who you will bring with you and 2) what you will bring with you. At ModulaCargo, we leave putting together the guest list to our clients, but we offer the perfect gear storage solution: roof racks.


Using A Roofing Storage Solution From ModulaCargo

If you are ready for a little road warrior-ing, but feel like you don’t have the storage space you will need to transport all of your stuff, a ModulaCargo roof rack can help. Any roof storage solution from ModulaCargo adds a second level to your vehicle to transport an endless range of items. However, a roof rack model offers some distinctive benefits, such as:

Extensive Capacity: Due to their wide-open design, a roofing rack can offer extensive storage capacity to you and your road warrior crew. You can store virtually as much or as little as you need to make the most of your getaway. Best of all, their open design means no confinement; you’ll be able to store extra large or oddly-shaped items without worrying about them getting squashed or damaged during transit. As long as you are able to securely strap an item in, it’s good to go.

Impressive versatility: Beyond their superior cargo capacity, roof racks also tout impressive versatility. Here at ModulaCargo, we understand that every traveler has his or her own unique transport needs. Our rack systems can be modified and customized based on the trip and/or traveler to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Various models can use different accessories to make certain you have the perfect configuration for your traveling requirements.

Sporting gear ready: Most importantly, roofing systems from ModulaCargo make the ideal way to get your large sporting equipment wherever you need to be, safely. Add a bike rack to your vehicle to be able to hit the trails as soon as your stop. Or, include a kayak carrier to get your watersports equipment in place for transport.

Love the idea of the roofing storage system, but don’t feel ready to fully commit to purchasing one? Not a problem; ModulaCargo offers an extensive array of rental options as well. You will get all the benefits that these innovative storage solutions offer, without having to worry about purchasing the model and storing it when it’s not in use. Best of all, here at ModulaCargo, we can manage the entire setup/dismantle process for you. Just show up with your vehicle, and we can take care of the rest! Want to hear more? Contact our team today!