Roof Racks 101: What To Know When Buying Your System

Love the idea of hitting the road whenever the mood strikes you…but feel like you are a little short on vehicle storage space to do it up right? Not a problem. Opting for a vehicle roof rack system can deliver an ideal solution, no matter what your storage needs.

Not sure what you need to know to select the right roof rack system for all your road trip requisites? That’s okay too; understanding some of the basic facts of these vehicle transport solutions can be all you need to move forward with a confident purchase.


Roof Rack Rule #1: Diversity Is Key In Selecting The Right Manufacturer

The first thing that you need to know about purchasing a roof rack? All manufacturers are not created alike. The same holds true for road warriors; every on-the-go road tripper has his/her distinctive packing needs and preferences. Never settle for a provider that tries to force fit one-size-fits-all options and solutions on you. Instead, look for a provider that offers an extensive range of options, sizes, styles and colors. Finding a roof rack vendor who treats you like the individual you are is a great first step in finding your personalized packing fit.


Roof Rack Rule #2: Know How To Narrow Down The Selection

Of course, finding a vendor with a comprehensive line of options means that you will have a lot of models to choose from. Choice is good; however, blindly sorting through an extensive catalog without knowing what you will use the system for can quickly prove frustrating. Having a basic idea of what you will use your system for can help you narrow down your selection. The type and size of the gear you will want to bring with you during your excursions will have the biggest impact on your final choice.


Roof Rack Rule #3: Understand How Much Weight You Need To Transport

Beyond the type and size of your gear, you will also want to have a general understanding about how much weight you will need to transport. Will you be moving lighter items such as clothing and bedding in your system? Or, will you want heavier items such as sporting equipment and even kayaks to be fastened to the top of your vehicle? Knowing the weight limit on various options can help you zero in on the right one for your needs.


Roof Rack Rule #4: Know Your Commitment Level

When deciding which roofing system makes sense for your lifestyle, you should consider your overall commitment level. Are you looking for a solution that you will be able to use again and again? Or, are you still a little fuzzy on the exact specifications you need as well as how often you will need your system? If your overall commitment level is a little uncertain, you may be a perfect candidate for a rental rack. Renting a solution proves the ultimate “try before you buy” strategy. Best of all, a qualified rental vendor will manage all the setup and breakdown needs for you. You just need to show up!


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