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Rental Cargo Boxes

A Few Reasons To Consider Renting A Cargo Box

If you are a regular adventurer, owning your own Cargo Box is an easy choice to make. One trip in a frustratingly overfilled vehicle and we won’t need to “sell” you anything 😉

If you aren’t a regular adventurer, Cargo box ownership might not be all you dreamed of. Cargo boxes will, most likely, make your vehicle too tall to fit in many covered parking spaces. When they aren’t installed on your car, they are bulky to store and awkward to handle.

This is exactly why we offer Cargo Box Rentals. For a few dollars you get the box you need, for that once or twice a year adventure or visit to the in-laws. What you don’t get is 359ish other days of tripping over a giant box or wishing you could fit in a Parkade.

Why You Should Rent A Roof Box From Modula Racks?

Our Rental Roof boxes are always cleaned between excursions and we make sure they are in good working order. We only rent our top-of-the-line Italian manufactured roof boxes and we have a few sizes to choose from. You will likely get a wild color but it’s only for a week or two. I personally guarantee you won’t lose your car with a Green / Blue / Orange box on the roof. (Think of it as a bright pair of Italian socks to accent that tailored suit)

Still not sure if you should Rent or Buy? That’s an easy fix. We will apply the value of your rental to the purchase of a new cargo box up to 60 Days after you have returned the rental cargo box. Rent a few different styles and see what fits your life before you take the leap into ownership.

Already own a cargo box but need even more space? No problem. Because we are card carrying, cargo carrying, experts we can often rig up and rent a set of extra wide crossbars that will fit two absolutely huge cargo boxes. We don’t mind sharing space with your own gear.

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