Ready, Set, Road Trip! How To Plan A Great Time Away…With The Kids

Summer is here, and that means it’s officially time to spend time with the kids during their school breaks. Looking for a fun way to spend quality time together? Plan a road trip adventure as a family.

Does the mere thought of being stuck together in a car as your drive towards a far off destination instantly bring on goose bumps and shivers? We don’t judge; sometimes family time in a vehicle isn’t always our most cherished way to spend time together. However, if planned appropriately, your road trip adventure could end up being something that you and the kids remember forever.

Packing Plays A Key Role In Any Road Trip Excursion

Of course, there are two key factors that contribute to any successful road trip with children. The first thing you will need to plan? Where you will go. While many seasoned road trippers don’t believe in having a designated destination, knowing where you will wind up is an absolute must when traveling with little ones. Want to make the end point of your trip even more special? Talk about it and come to your final destination as a family.

Once you’ve pinpointed where you want to go, it’s time think about the second important component of successfully hitting the road with your family: how to pack. While we can’t help you decide where you should spend your time, we can actually help you know how to pack like a professional.

The first thing to think about when strategizing how to pack? Getting your cargo box ready. Family fun on the road means needing to bring a wide range of personal items for everyone in the vehicle. Additionally, a family with enough leg room and cabin space is a happy one. A Modula Racks box will give you everything you need to take everything you need everywhere you want to go. Once the roof rack system is in place, you may want to consider these other road trip essentials:

Entertainment: As a parent, you know that any excursion lasting longer than 15 minutes may require a little contrived entertainment to keep peace amongst your crew. Plan ahead by packing playing cards, puzzle books, crayons, construction paper, books and travel board games.

Different duffels for various destinations: Have multiple stops on your trip? Not a problem; don’t bring one giant duffel bag or suitcase for each child to have dig through at every stop. Instead, pack smaller bags specifically for each trip. Your child will just have to grab the right bag (you can even color code by child to make it easier) and have everything needed for this particular leg of the excursion.

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks: Have we mentioned snacks? Good, because we simply can’t emphasize enough how important having on-the-go nosh can prove to the overall success of your trip. Don’t risk having a late afternoon sugar crash; instead, opt for healthier faire such as nuts, cheese sticks, hard boiled eggs, crackers, raisins, etc. Don’t forget drinks, silverware and napkins to make sure you have everything you need to keep everyone’s hunger monsters from getting out of control.

Are you getting ready for an epic summer road trip with the family? Modula Racks can help. Visit our website to see our extensive line of roof rack systems today!