Grip System

Modula CS Grip System is a Polyurethane self-tensioning snow chain. Suitable for vehicles that cannot accommodate traditional snow chains due to clearance between the car body and the wheel. It is also ideal for low profile tires and most importantly, it is a quick and easy installation. You can get out of the snow and back on the road as soon as possible while others are getting dirty as they struggle with their tangled chains.

The universal bolt system is adaptable on all types of studs and wheels. The best thing yet is there is no pre-installation needed as they are specific to your size of wheel and tire. Modula CS Grip System is integrated with a Patented Tightening Lever System which adjusts to fit your wheel without any effort. As you drive off it slides the rest of the way onto your wheel eliminating further steps that traditional show chains require. Be the first one back on the road while others struggle with their traditional snow chains. Stay clean and dry, stay gripped and safe, stay Modula.