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A more secure way to lock up your Modula Racks Cross Bars. If you don't feel comfortable with the standard plastic core key the new metal key and lock barrel is your answer. Lock down your cover so thieves can't undo your straps. Your racks will be safe and sound. The Key and Lock Barrel kit comes with 2 keys and 4 metal lock cores. Lock up all 4 corners of your cross bars.


If you have purchased a set of Modula Euro style roof racks, add the security of covers and metal locks for the attachment feet. Adding the covers and locks restricts access to the roof racks hardware so thieves can't easily undo your roof rack.

Rated 4.00 out of 5

Modula Cross Bars will fit just about any vehicle with side railings. If your vehicle has railings that run front to back, but no cross bars, you'll need to purchase a set before attaching racks and accessories these are simply the most economical set of cross bars available. You can install the cross bars at home as they are extremely user friendly, tools and instructions are included for a quick install.