Modula CS Grip System is a Polyurethane self-tensioning snow chain. Suitable for vehicles that cannot accommodate traditional snow chains due to clearance between the car body and the wheel. It is also ideal for low profile tires and most importantly, it is a quick and easy installation. You can get out of the snow and back on the road as soon as possible while others are getting dirty as they struggle with their tangled chains. The universal bolt system is adaptable on all types of studs and wheels. The best thing yet is there is no pre-installation needed as they are specific to your size of wheel and tire. Modula CS Grip System is integrated with a Patented Tightening Lever System which adjusts to fit your wheel without any effort. As you drive off it slides the rest of the way onto your wheel eliminating further steps that traditional show chains require. Be the first one back on the road while others struggle with their traditional snow chains. Stay clean and dry, stay gripped and safe, stay Modula.


Sold as a pair

Keeping your load stable and protected while on the move is a simple task when using Tie Down Straps. They are the perfect alternative to using stretchable ‘bungee’ style cords. Rhino Rack's tie down straps are available in varying lengths.  



The Rhino Rack Bonnet/Hood Anchor Straps are designed to be quick and easy to attach. the Bonnet Anchor Strap provides an anchor point for long loads when no other tie off points are available. It can be used for both bonnet/hood and boot/trunk. Simply place the strap inside these areas and make sure the door will close unobstructed. The soft webbing simply hangs outside to be used as a tie off point so your kayak or canoes don't transfer the up draft to your roof racks. If you are driving over 60km/h with a kayak or canoe on the roof racks it should be tied down front and rear. It should be tied down directly to the car. This prevents the wind pulling it off the racks or the racks completely off the roof of your car.  


Sunseeker 30cm LED Light Kit

With the 30cm LED light bar that is included in this kit you can continue reading your book under the comfort of your awning no matter what time of day it is. The LED light bar is extremely durable, water proof and also has magnetic strips on the back so you can easily attach it to metallic objects. The other great thing about these LED Lights is that they emit low to no heat which means bugs will be less likely be attracted to them compared to other lights.  


Foxwing Dual 30cm LED Light Kit

With the two 30cm LED light bars that are included in this kit you will have more than enough lighting to keep you comfortable when the sun comes down.The LED light bars are extremely durable, water proof and also has magnetic strips on the back so you can easily attach it to metallic objects. The other great things about these LED Lights is that they emit low to no heat which means bugs will be less likely be attracted to them compared to other lights  


LED Battery Power Pack Kit

The LED Battery Power Pack Kit is the perfect complementary accessory for the range of Rhino-Rack LED Lights to keep them going on and on. Included in this kit is a battery charger, a 12V power pack, a male to male adaption lead and a power pack bag to carry it everywhere.  


The Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing has been engineered to minimize wind noise whilst driving. Hearing the whistle of wind running through the load you're transporting can take away the fun of driving. The Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing deflects air around your load which keeps it quiet. We've also styled this product so that it enhances the sleek design of your vehicle and roof racks. The Rhino-Rack Wind Fairing is universally fitting which means that it will easily attach to cross bars from most major roof rack brands.  


50cm LED Light Kit with 4 LED Lights

The LED Light Kit is a perfect accessory for your outdoor adventures. Included are 4x rigid LED Lights with built-in magnets and the required accessories to make it easy to set up. Built Rhino-Rack tough, the LED Lights are: dust-proof, waterproof, impact resistant and has a 50,000 hour life span. The entire kit will provide you with a huge 2880 lumens of lighting.  


Available in Small or Large

The XTray is a luggage carrying accessory that will definitely turn heads wherever you go. This strong and stylish 2 piece steel tray features a black powder coated finish for maximum corrosion protection. At the front of the tray features a sleek, aerodynamic wind deflector which adds to the already good looks of the XTray, but also reflects the wind from your load making your travels much quieter.  


Available in Many Sizes

The Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform is a sleek and stylish roof rack accessory for a range of 4WDs and utilities. Made with strong, durable and lightweight reinforced nylon and aluminium, these non-corrosive Pioneer Platforms have been tested in the most rugged conditions and have passed with flying colours. Loading and unloading your equipment is easy. Simply slide your gear onto the Pioneer Platform and tie them down to the bars. The best thing about the Pioneer Platform is that it has been specifically designed to carry existing Rhino-Rack accessories including luggage bags, jerry can holders, spare wheel holders, shovels and loads more. Rhino-Rack also offers the flexibility of allowing you to purchase the available rail kits if you wanted to add rails to your platform.