Our Bike Rack Obsession

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Modula Racks primarily stocks bike racks from Swagman and RockyMounts.

We will special order from Thule or Yakima at your request, but if you need some place to start, have a look at the Swag or Rocky catalogues.

Why did we choose Swagman and RockyMounts over Yakima, Thule and a million others? First, we wanted to have bike racks from bike rack focused companies. Yakima and Thule ALSO make bike racks, which is fine, but does limit selection.

Swagman and RockyMounts have different philosophies. RockyMounts builds a few apex bike racks with award winning technology and premium materials. Swagman builds many tough as nails racks out of steel and beefy carriage bolts.

RockyMounts’ and Swagman’s bike racks compliment each others technology. Swagman has many great solutions in more traditional rack formats. RockyMounts has innovative solutions to bike carrying inconveniences for people with less financial concerns.

Let me give you a few example of the types of bike racks you might get from each manufacturer.

RockyMounts Splitrail Bike Rack

RockyMounts offers the award winning SplitRail.  The SplitRail is an aluminium 2 bike rack that can be expanded to carry 2 extra bikes. This rack has the capacity to carry two 60lb bikes. The bike cradles can be staggered left and right to keep your bikes from mashing bars and pedals. This bike rack is light at only 45lbs. It tilts up when empty, down for use and down again to give you access to your rear gate when loaded. A special mechanism tensions the rack to your hitch preventing rattles and shakes. The SplitRail platform style rack is gorgeous and clearly a pinnacle product. If you love your bike, it’s an easy choice.

Rockymounts BackStage Bike Rack

Also from RockyMounts, we have the BackStage swing away platform. One of few bike racks built on an arm that allows you to swing it around the side of your vehicle for complete access to your tailgate. If you have ever tried to access the back of your vehicle with a fully loaded bike rack, you know why this is brilliant.

These are the types of high-quality technical solutions that RockyMounts does best, and yes, they do cost a little more… But not as much as you might think.

Swagman Escapee Bike Rack

Swagman builds bike racks for everyone. Their catalogue dwarfs that of many other companies including Yakima and Thule. Their chosen materials are steel and composite. You can get racks at every level from Swagman. From a standard single arm bike rack, to the veritable tank that is the Escapee, or the brilliantly innovative Sitkka, Swagman lives and breathes bike racks.

Swagman XTC Bike Rack

Always popular in the shop, Swagman’s simple XTC gives you the convenience of a platform rack for nearly the price of that old dangler that you fight to load every… single… time… Sure, this rack isn’t fancy and may not be the best solution for an epic adventure across Canada. But, you can get 2 to 4 bikes to your favorite local trail and you won’t have to eat canned spaghetti for to afford an XTC.

Swagman XP5 Bike Rack

Got a big family? Swagman’s XP5 is one of few 5 Bike carriers out there. I’m not going to tell you loading all that hardware will be easy, but it won’t be any harder than it needs to be.

Swagman Titan Bike Rack

Need a bit of security? Swagman’s TITAN (among others) includes an integrated cable lock that ensures your bikes don’t decide to go on a ride without you.

Swagman even builds bike stands for parking at your home, bike rails for your vehicle roof top and specialty bike racks for campers and trailers. It’s clear that Swagman is run by rabid bike enthusiasts.

Plus, Swagman is from right here in BC; Penticton to be exact. It’s realy nice to be able to support a local brand. …Plus, they’re good folks 😉

Basically, if you are looking for bike rack solutions, we would love the chance to hear the features you need. We should be able to save you a lot of time digging though the huge pile of options. Oh, and please do bring your bike down for a test fit. This is, hands down, the best way to get a feel for this type of hardware.

See you on the trails,

Brandon Johnson

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