MotoTote MTX Sport Motorcycle Carrier

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For sport bikes up to 600lb and with rear tire widths up to 8.50" (front up to 5.00"), the MTX Sport is the latest generation of the MotoTote Sport carrier for sport bikes.

The carrier was designed with modularity in mind, allowing for left or right loading, adjustable distance to the vehicle bumper (making room for spare tires), and adjustable for wheelbases of up to 65" (most are around 57").

Ease of use was also a priority, using an aviation inspired beam structure to make it as easy as possible for tie down placement while reducing weight and maintaining rigidity. The curvature of the structure also keeps the bike upright while loading until tied down to the beams. Lastly, the MTX Sport accepts low-slung bikes with fairings.

Included with the MTX Sport is the loading ramp and a Zero-Wobble hitch bolt, which eliminates wobbling at the hitch. Tie downs are not included.

Lastly, the MotoTote requires a minimum Class III 2" hitch. On its own, it weights 63lbs including the loading ramp.