Modula Travel 650 Black – Lincoln Navigator

Here is a picture of our biggest roof top cargo box, the Modula Travel 650 Twin in Black. Measuring in at over 23 cubic feet of storage with 92 inches of length (that’s nearly 7 3/4 feet!) and over 35″ wide you’ll never have to leave anything behind.

Today SUV’s are very popular and they often have a very practical third row bench. Unfortunately when it comes time to use that bench it eats up all the available space for luggage. More importantly anything stored inside a vehicle can become a deadly projectile in the event of an accident. Anything harder than a pillow should never be stored inside the cabin area, especially when your hitting the open highway and travelling at high speed.

Before your next road trip to the ski and snowboard hills consider keeping all your gear, safe secure, dry and out of sight in a Modula Roof Top Cargo Carrier.