Modula Racks In The Hills Of Italy

You might expect that the Modula Racks Box factory would be located in a large city such as Modena where the Ferrari factory is located. But instead the Modula factory is nestled in the hills of a small Italian Town. Most of the people who work at Modula live within a few minute drive of the factory which helps support the way of life in this rural and industrious town.

But do not think for a moment that Modula is a small town shop. Modula is HUGE company producing much more than just Italian roof boxes. Modula creates many plastic components for ATV’s and vehicles such as the Subaru Forester and Impreza, to name just a few. But Modula is one part of a much larger company that designs and manufactures things such as clothing, industrial generators, and irrigation equipment to plastic tanks and commercial water pumps.