Modula Racks Box Quality Test Prep.

We figured a back road, two day, 850 km, TSD rally was a great way to test the construction of the Modula Roof Top Cargo Box. So… we entered the Thunderbird TSD Rally.

Here is a quick snippet of us prepping our Volkswagen GTI for the Thunderbird rally which starts in the in the southern interior of BC in a small town called Merritt. From the there the rally will take us on two days of adventures traversing forest service roads that could be gravel, snow, ice, mud or a combination of all. The vibration, pot holes, muck and mud are sure to test the hardware and weather resistance of our Orange Travel Sport 460

Because TSD rally’s are not about speed, but instead perfect driving accuracy we have added a Terra Trip Rally Computer, Mud Flaps, Studded Winter Tires and some high powered lights.

Should be interesting! Stay tune for more