Front Runner Wolf Pack Storage Box

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The Wolf Pack by Front Runner is a lightweight, durable, stackable, and convenient storage solution. No more temporary cargo bins that break after every trip you take, the Wolf Pack is made out of Black high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic that can handle any element or condition.

Has easy grip carrying handles to make loading, unloading and stacking them a breeze. The Wolf Pack is even suitable for exterior storage, meaning you can strap them down the the roof of your car or toss them in the bed of your truck. One of the best features is how they securely stack together meaning you can form a makeshift table to help prep food or throw a couple of lamps on for extra light at the campsite.

Product Specifications:

Black high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic

Product Dimensions:
510mm (20.1") L x 400mm (15.8") W x 230mm (9.1") H

Internal Dimensions:
450mm (17.7") L x 340mm (13.4") W x 205mm (8.1") H

3.00kg (6.6lbs)