Four Ways A Modula Racks Box Helps You Go Green

At Modula Racks, our customers know that our vehicle roof rack systems offer an unparalleled range of distinctive user benefits. Touting an innovative aerodynamic design and engineered for optimal capacity, our roof systems can complement virtually any transport needs you may have. Whether looking to pack up the crew’s sporting gear for a long camp weekend, or simply looking to consistently add storage space to make the cabin of your vehicle more comfortable, our comprehensive catalogue of product options can help every traveler find a perfect final fit.

Of course, our clients also know that superior product selection isn’t the only priority at Modula Racks. We also make environmental sustainability a major focus throughout our operations. Minimizing the impact our products have on the world around us is not only important to our customers; it’s important to us.

Using Modula Racks To Minimize Your Carbon Footprint

If you’re looking for a premium cargo box that suits all of your transport needs and keeps your carbon footprint to a minimum, you’ll want to consider our product line offerings. Our vehicle boxes offer four key “go green” features will make you feel great about your purchase.

A roof system from us offers:

Less waste/less shipping: At Modula Racks, our products are made from only premium quality materials using the very latest manufacturing innovations. Our production methods maximize efficiency to keep waste to a minimum. Additionally, when shipping our products, Modula Racks always uses the most proficient packing methods possible to reduce overall environmental impact.

Recyclable materials: Not only are our products made from premium materials, but every model we offer is also made entirely from recyclable resources. Purchasing a roof system from us means that you’ll never have to worry about it spending an eternity in a landfill; instead you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the product can eventually be recycled.

Smaller vehicle need: Not having a roof system to transport all of your gear and equipment can actually have a significant impact on the environment. Without the added storage space offered by a roof case, many drivers decide that they must purchase a larger vehicle to have the capacity needed to transport their belongings. However, choosing to purchase a roof case means that you may be able to opt for a smaller vehicle purchase, reducing your overall carbon footprint during the time you own your car or truck.

Less fuel: Getting a smaller vehicle can help reduce your impact on the environment beyond carbon emissions. Smaller vehicles burn through gas more efficiently than their larger counterparts, so you’ll use less of this precious resource over time. Bonus benefit? Smaller vehicles not only consumer less fuel, helping you save the environment, but it can also help you save both time and money at the pump.

Choosing Modula Racks For Your Next Roof Storage System

Want to learn more about our superior line of vehicle storage systems and how Modula Racks can help you support environmental sustainability? Visit our website today to check out our online catalog, or contact us today.