Ford Escape Roof Top Carrier

According to a recent Modula customer there are very few roof top cargo boxes that will fit a Ford Escape. This is due to the vehicle being quite short and the position of roof rack which means that the rear tail gate will hit most roof top carriers when it opens. Apparently Yakima had nothing that would fit and Thule made a couple of boxes, but non that were both affordable or long enough to fit their skies.

The customer contacted us to ask if any of our products would fit. It looks as though our Italian engineering has paid off yet again, as we quickly found that many of the Modula Roof Top Cargo Boxes would fit!

This photo shows the Modula Wego 500 on a Ford Escape with the rear tail gate open. This roof top box is 17 cubic feet, is over 78 inches in length and it fits! This means the Modula roof top cargo box on your Ford Escape can accommodate skies up to 220cm!