Five Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Cargo Carrier Camping

Think that a Modula Racks box is just for simple day trips? Guess again?! While a roofing rack system can prove the perfect solution for getting all of your gear packed up for a few hour excursion, it can also deliver an ideal option for longer voyages.

Ready to see for yourself everything that your Modula Racks box can offer on an overnight (or even longer) outdoor adventure? Pack it up and take it with you on your next camping trip. A roofing system can deliver an impressive range of advantages that can make any camping trip seem easier and more enjoyable, no matter what type of weather or conditions you encounter during your time away. Your vehicle cargo box offers:

#1 – Extra storage: Just because you’re sleeping in a tent, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have all of the creature comforts (minus the “creatures” of course) and conveniences of home. No matter how much storage capacity you have in your cars or trucks, we all feel like we could use just a little more space. Roofing systems make that happen. A vehicle roof storage system offers extensive opportunity for extra storage to ensure that you can bring everything you’ll need to make the great outdoors feel just a little more comfortable, particularly when it comes to planning for varying temperatures. Case in point? Everyone loves a down comforter, especially during colder nighttime temps, but they are often just too bulky to carry inside the vehicle itself. Not so with a cargo roof system. Many veteran campers use their cargo box as a means to bring a spare down comforter with them to the campsite because they are far more comfortable (and often warmer!) then sleeping bags.

# 2 – Gear transport: Of course, modern conveniences aren’t the only things you’ll want to pack up for your camping trip. Making the most of the outdoor camping experience means bringing all of the outdoor gear you’ll need to make your time communing with nature as enjoyable and exciting as possible. Simply select the right-sized roofing system for your equipment and you’ll easily be able to transport it with you, no matter how far away you travel to get away from it all.

#3 – Secures valuables: Love the great outdoors, but sometimes worry about keeping your valuables safe during your time at the campsite? Worry no more; a Modula cargo box locks for added security during your time off the grid. You and your crew can easily lock up cellphones, electronics and any other kind of valuables you may have with you so it’s there waiting (safely) for you when you need it.

#4 – Keeps food out of critter reach: It’s no secret that camping means sharing space with all of Mother Nature’s creatures. However, it doesn’t mean you should have to share your provisions with them. In fact, animals coming into your campsite to steal food are a potential danger to both the animal and your crew. Locking your food into the cargo box means your food stays protected from creatures and things that go bump in the night.

#5 – Keeps your views unobstructed: Finally, we’ve all been in situations where we cram our gear in every single space throughout our vehicle cabin, completely obstructing our vision. Your cargo box can keep your cabin comfortable and your vision unobstructed so you can actually enjoy taking the scenic route to your camping destination.

Let Modula Racks help you find your perfect camping cargo companion. Contact us today to hear more!