Do You Need A Roof Cargo Box?

Mazda 3 Roof Cargo Box

3 Reasons To Get A Roof Top Cargo Box

Roof cargo boxes are the often-overlooked way to make a small car into a serious cargo hauler. There are even some very compelling reasons you may want a roof cargo box even if you have “enough” space.

Reason the first: Got kids, a dog, dirty friends? If you go outside and DO things it won’t be long before you need to haul something that is wet/muddy/gross. Now this thing might fit in your vehicle, but 10/10 you won’t want it in there. Pop that bit of nasty into your roof cargo box.

Reason the second: They used to call roof cargo boxes ski boxes for a reason. Skis are long, sharp, often wet and really good at ruining the interior of a vehicle. On the other side of things, a ski rack leaves your good skis exposed to the grit and winter de-icing brine all the way to your chosen resort. As someone who often travels the sea-to-sky (99 North) to Whistler BC, I can tell you that brine is not good for your gear. Rust, corrosion and fouled hardware could seriously harm you if your bindings fail to release in a fall (or should they release unexpectedly). Choosing a roof cargo box instead of ski racks will protect your equipment and your vehicle. The same goes for all the snowboarders, you hooligans 😉

 Nissan Murano Car Roof Box

Reason the third: Unholy amounts of carrying capacity without folding down any seats. Car manufacturers love to give you levers to twiddle and buttons to poke; “Stow and Go”, “Fold Flat cargo area”. Hooray, it’s all great until you have a family or friends who need to put bums in those seats. Regain your seats by adding the dry storage of a roof cargo box.

Toyota Yaris Car Roof Box Blue

Bonus reason (if you pick a bright coloured Modula Case System): Never loose your car in a parking lot again. Most cargo boxes are black. People tend to pick safe colored cars (black, white, grey, blue). If you are rocking a Green, Blue, Orange, Champagne or Pink roof cargo box, you won’t wander out of the grocery store and wonder where you parked EVER! (Think of it as the fun socks under that tailored Italian suit).

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