Cargo Box Quick Connect System?

In our opinion on of the most useful options on any vehicle cargo box is the quick connect system. All the top cargo box manufactures such as Thule and Yakima offer a quick connect system on their roof boxes. Modula Vehicle Roof Top Cargo Boxes do also on our Wego and Travel series boxes.

The quick connect system replaces the standard U-Bolt connection which makes installing the removing the storage box a snap. In fact removal and installation can be done by a single person in a matter of minutes. The standard U-Bolt system will take closer to 15 minutes for each the installation and removal and usually requires two people to do the job.


The Quick Connect feet on the Modula Racks Boxes are designed so that they can fit just about any factory or aftermarket rook rack system. The track that the Quick Connect system runs in is reenforced with metal to ensure a sturdy fit to your vehicles roof rack.