Camping With Kids: Stay Safe And Have Fun!

Getting ready to pack up your Modula Racks roof rack and hit the road with the kiddos for a family friendly camping adventure? Every summer marks the kickoff season for families to spend time together outside camping. Hiking, swimming, fishing and roasting marshmallows are just some of the ways you can help your children embrace the beauty of the outdoors.

While there is a lot to enjoy during a camping trip, there is also a lot to bear in mind (pun intended) in order to keep you and yours safe during an outdoor excursion. Do you know what you need to know to make the most out of your time together? If not, read on: knowing how to prep for your time together can help make sure you stay safe and have fun while enjoying everything that Mother Nature has to offer.


Know What To Pack Up Before Heading Out On Your Camping Trip

The first step in safety preparedness with children begins with what you pack. Creating a checklist before you leave will help you pack up your Modula Racks box with everything you need during your trip. Some important items include bottled waters, extra food (beyond your planned meals), spare batteries, maps, compass and even a whistle for every camper in case someone gets lost.

You’re not done packing up the cargo roofing system just yet. You will also want to include your rain gear, waterproof tent, and sleeping bags/down comforts in your cargo box, as well as a fully stocked first-aid kit. Be sure you check and make the supplies have been replenished, sunscreen and insect repellant. Finally, include a wide range of clothing for layering and you have a good base of supplies to bring with you before you hit the open road.


Talk To Your Kids About Staying Safe In The Woods Before You Go

Now that you are all packed up, it’s important to talk with your children about staying safe in the woods. Even if your children are already experienced campers, having a conversation on camping safety can give them new insight on how to make sure they are using their safety smarts throughout the trip. A major tip to share with them before your next outing? Knowing their surroundings at all times.

Oftentimes, children just follow the adults that they are with and never really pay attention to their surroundings when spending time outdoors. Talk to your children about paying attention to where they are and what is around them. Not only can it help keep them safe, it can help them find their way back to camp in the event that you get separated.

Bug and animal knowledge is another major tip to consider when taking a family camping trip. Your children should know to never approach any of the creatures they come across during the trip. Also, talk with your children about how important it is to always wear bug spray (and sunscreen) throughout their entire outdoor adventure. Most importantly, always check for ticks (on both humans and pets on the trip) every night.

Finally, have a preliminary conversation about first aid with your children. They should know where the first aid kit is at all times. Also, while your cell phone reception may be questionable in the woods, you should always make sure that the children know how to call for help in case it is ever needed.


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