About Modula Racks: We are a Canadian based company, located in British Columbia in the center of the Surrey Auto Mall. We are a complete automotive roof rack company specializing in sales, service, installation and distribution of vehicle roof racks accessories and cargo boxes. Hitch, Hatch or Roof mounted bike, SUP (paddle board), kayak, snow and ski racks to name a few. Need help, advice, service or installation? We can help!

What Makes Modula Racks Different: Our motto is to find you the best quality products available without the big price tag. We accomplish this by doing a little extra. At Modula Racks we do not simply re-sell the regular name brands that you may be use to, but instead we travel the globe looking for high quality products that we buy direct. This means we bring high quality products directly to you at a very competitive rate. To that end we currently specialize in Rhino Rack and Modula Case Systems, but we can purchase and service all the other brands such as Thule, Yakima and more.

North American Distributor: Modula is the North American distributor for the Italian rack and cargo systems manufactured by Modula Case systems in Italy. Should you have any interest in selling Modula Case Systems please contact us for more information. We offer very competitive margins on a high quality and distinctive product that is sure to help bring attention and sales to your business


Quality: Many of the products purchased today are made with a focus on price instead of quality. The result is these products may be cheap to purchase initially but offer very little long term value. Quality also means a product must be properly engineered so that it is not frustrating to use or break prematurely. At Modula Racks we offer you vehicle storage solutions and roof racks that are engineered, designed and manufactured from places such as Italy and Australia. The end result is quality roof racks, cargo boxes and recreational sport carriers that are intuitive, easy to use and built to last.

Price: You can have your cake and eat it too! While we promise to offer high quality products we do so at a lower price. By combing the globe we find high quality products at a reasonable price. The result is that we offer you roof racks, vehicle cargo boxes, bike racks, kayak carriers, SUP carriers and much more! The only difference is that our products often sell for much less than the competition.

Choice: At Modula Racks we want a product that is alive and vibrant and we know that some of you want the choice to stand out as an individual. With offerings from simple and elegant, to bold and distinct. From cost effective to the cutting edge of both quality and design. Every consumer will appreciate the wide array of choice and options that Modula Racks brings to the market. Modula cargo has stepped out of the “box”, bringing personality to your vehicles storage solution needs.


Modula Case System tests all it’s roof boxes at the TÜV Center in Helmond (Holland). All tests must successfully meet set requirements in crashes up to 130 kilometres per hour. This allows us to guarantee the constructive quality, engineering and resilience of our products. All Modula Case System products are built with complete attention and care for the environment; the materials used are recyclable and the technology minimizes the impact on the environment.


Today’s consumers are realizing that a well-made, quality product has a much longer life span. And, because we all realize the need to take better care of our environment, today’s consumers are purchasing products that last longer and in turn create less waste, less shipping and less of a carbon foot print. To further respect the environment; the materials used in Modula Racks Roof Top Carriers are all recyclables.


Modula Racks is proud to accompany you on all your road trips and adventures. Whether you are going to Whistler to catch the ski season or ride the bike park, headed north to catch that elusive trout or south to catch some waves, Modula Racks will outfit your ride with the best in vehicle roof racks, recreational sport carriers and roof top cargo boxes. The quality, safety and aesthetics of our products are sure to provide convenience and comfort wherever you go.


Modula Roof Boxes come with a five year manufactures warranty against defect.