A Deeeluxe Apartment in the SKYRISE

Recently we had a conversation with our Yakima supplier about their NEW Skyrise roof-top tents. For those in-the-know roof-top tents are the mark of the coolest adventurers. They can go anywhere and in a quick flip they are camped out. To say that the whole Modula staff covets these tents is an understatement. We were excited to hear that Yakima has finally flipped into the roof-top tent arena with the Skyrise.

The worst news was that our Skyrise delivery was delayed well into October, but they promised us one of the first, once they arrived… So we settled ourselves down and started waiting… And we lasted about two weeks… until the mystery box arrived!

I’m not sure how Yakima did it but suddenly we had a Medium Skyrise to play with!

Naturally, we immediately agreed to make the Skyrise’s maiden voyage atop the smallest vehicle in our fleet. The Humble Honda Fit was to become the proud recipient of a new penthouse apartment. Now you should know that the Fit is a little champ when it comes to gas-mileage. Unfortunately, It achieves this by being made from high-grade tinfoil. Ryan has accidentally dented ours by leaning on it. That said, we have figured out how to mount a roof rack on one and we might be one of the few. (it’s no small feat)

So there we were, assembling a Yakima Skyrise and taking bets on if the Fit could take the tent’s 115 Lbs plus two brave adventurers. Initial assembly of the Skyrise takes two. There is no way one person can hold the feet, bolt, nut and a wrench. Apart from this, there is very little to assemble. Once the feet are on it takes two to hoist the tent onto your Fit (or other vehicle). You will need to have a stout roof-rack already in place.

The great news is even our tinfoil roofed Fit can support the tent which means your car should have no trouble at all (Convertibles Exempt). Ryan was also reasonably pleased we didn’t crush the roof.

Unfolding the Skyrise Tent for the first time is reasonably intuitive. A few Velcro straps are undone and a couple buckles on the weatherproof cover are unclipped. Next you extend the ladder and use it as a lever to flip the tent open. The fly is already in palace. If the weather is good you could remove it, or fellow wet-coasters will want to slide the eight fly stays into place creating a weather safe space.

Up the Skyrise tent’s ladder you find a solid sleeping space with plenty of zipped windows and vents. A two-inch foam mattress covers the floor.

There’s something about a roof-top tent that makes them more than just a tent on a roof. For starters, they are much stouter than a standard tent. The included mattress adds comfort and the elevation gives you both a view and added security from critters. They also fold away and deploy relatively quickly.

Somehow the Skyrise feels greater than all its features. Yakima’s Medium Skyrise inspires dreams of adventure… and THAT is certainly the best feature of all!

See you in the sky,

Brandon, J.


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