8 Essentials For Any Road Trip

Success when planning a long (or just longish) road trip means carefully planning what to bring with you during your time away from home. The first thing on any road warrior’s list? Making sure that all required gear (think sports equipment, camping items, right clothing, etc.) gets packed up in the roof rack system so it’s there whenever needed.

While it’s important to cover all the basics when packing for a road trip, it’s also critical to plan for the unexpected. This is especially true whenever you and your crew are traveling in uncertain weather conditions. Be sure you all are ready for whatever happens en route by planning for a few important essentials.

Full Tank

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many road enthusiasts don’t often think about gas after their initial first full tank. However, even if you don’t have a “plan” and are at the whim of, well, a-whim, it’s still important to have a general idea of where you can fuel up when needed.


Once again, even if you don’t have a set destination, you will want to know where you are (and where you are headed) during the excursion. Have no time for old school paper relics? Not a problem, there are plenty of map apps available so you never have to (gasp!) stop and ask for directions.

Weather Apps

Speaking for smartphone apps, you will always want to have access to a weather app during your entire excursion. These weather apps won’t just tell you how to dress – they can actually keep you safe so you know what type of weather awaits you just down the road.

Road Trip Playlist

Sure, you’ll want to use this time to chat and communicate with your fellow roadies, however, nothing says you can’t do it using a fun soundtrack as your backdrop. Put together your ultimate road trip playlist to make the time in the vehicle go by faster.

Hunting Knife

Even if you aren’t expecting to forage for your dinner during your trip, a hunting knife can prove an invaluable resource when hitting the open road. There are countless events that can occur which will make you happy that you had the foresight to pack one before leaving home.

Food And Water

Anything can (and will) happen when you hit the open road. Always keep you and your crew’s safety a top priority. Pack extra food and water in you Modula cargo box to ensure that you will have what you need if you’re stuck in one place longer than you initially expected.


This also goes into the “stuck in one place longer than expected” category. Tissues, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and paper towels can go a long way when traveling.

First Aid Kit

Finally, never leave home without your first aid kit packed in your roof rack system. Check it before you hit the road to ensure it is fully stocked with bandages, antiseptics and any pain medications you may need.

What are your “must have” road trip essentials? We’d love to hear about them – give us your tips in the comments section below! Or contact Modula Racks today to learn about our comprehensive roof rack systems.